Are your customers excited about your future products or services? I know that it’s becoming cliché to reference Apple in posts geared toward business marketing and development, but not a single company does what I am blogging about better than them. Creating an army of raving fans who live in anticipation for your next product […]

Marketing is simple when you begin to understand that the first product you need to market is yourself. Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to apologize for my lack of written word over the last few weeks. Well, I sort of want to apologize. I guess what I mean to […]

Everyone has a birthday…even your customers. But I am willing to bet that you’re missing out on one of the greatest chances to not only acknowledge their special day, but also to offer them an incentive to make a repeat purchase. People love being pampered on their birthday. I myself look forward to reminding everyone […]

How can you tell that the billboard space you just purchased is making your business money? How do you know that there will be a return on your investment? Are you able to track the success of that advertising? I could keep going, but I think you get my point. Spending money on billboards is […]

Your network is a powerful tool! But in order to get the most out of your social circle, list of contacts, community influencers and die-hard doers, you’ll have to learn what NOT to do when taking the necessary steps toward building your unsinkable network. In this presentation, I’ll tell you exactly what to avoid when […]

It happens to every entrepreneur at least once. Business is a fickle thing. First, an idea is hatched. A passion is ignited that leads one to take action toward monetizing their vision. The first few weeks are fueled with excitement as we apply for loans, hunt for retail space and get that first high-limit credit […]

My name is Andy Sokolovich and I love learning about effective leadership! My eleven years in the Unites States Air Force allowed me the opportunity to work for some great leaders. It also introduced me to appointed leaders who lacked an ounce of ability. Since honorably separating from the military in 2011, I’ve delved deep […]

So you’ve dunked a ton of money into marketing and advertising your business, but you have yet to see a return on your investment. I wish I could say that what you are experiencing is uncommon, but every day, business owners are blindly spending gobs of cash on multi-media marketing, and are left with nothing […]

Like all great things, there’s always going to be someone out there who ruins it for the rest. And in marketing, that person is the over-promising, under-delivering charlatan whose mere presence makes people uncomfortable. You know the type. The greased back hair, toxic cologne and sharp tongue. These fast talkers want nothing more than to […]

Does snail mail still work? With the ever-growing mass of junk email recipients are receiving these days, the traditional sales letter is making a serious comeback. But that fact alone won’t result in a higher rate of success. In order for your sales letter to work, you have to write it so that the reader […]


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